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The Concept

Rapid Fired Pizza was founded by experienced restauranteurs with a focus on streamlined operations, clear training systems for employees, and a very strong focus on unit economics. With in-house demographic analysis, customer information gathering, graphic design, marketing, architectural design, and real estate leasing, we are well positioned to support our franchisees. With extensive knowledge of all aspects of the restaurant industry and its customers, RFP is a recipe for success.

The Investment

The expected cost of opening a store is between $230,000 and $560,000, depending on the location. We expect most inline stores to open for an investment between $340,000 and $400,000. Please see our FDD for complete details. 

The Opportunity

We understand the power and effectiveness of franchising and the area developer (AD) model. We are now offering single unit Franchises and Area Developer opportunities to qualified persons.